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quirky  ˈkwər-kē
(adjective) unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way
i.e. a quirky sense of humor/ quirky ideas/ she is a quirky woman

The Blog

Every blog post contains real, honest, and hilarious experiences I've had throughout my travels. Interwoven in my stories, you, my lovely reader, will find a plethora of informative and helpful travel tips.

My Travels: Past, Present, & Future

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Taught English Abroad in 4 Countries & online

As a means of income and cultural experience, I've taught English abroad in Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and China. I've been teaching ESL online for 3 1/2 years as well. Currently, I’m teaching English online while chillin’ in Da Nang, Vietnam!

Explored 29 Countries since 2014

I've explored 29 countries since I started my journey and have lived in 7 of them for at least 3 months at a time. At the moment, I reside in Da Nang, Vietnam.

White Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand

My backpack has been around

I backpacked through both Vietnam and Taiwan-- and fell in love with backpacking there! I completed a backpacking trip through Eastern Europe and the Balkans in 2018. It was a trip of a lifetime! In February, I backpacked for three weeks through Cambodia and Thailand. Currently, I’m wandering through various countries in Southeast Asia as a digital nomad!

I’m quite the social Butterfly. I'd love to connect with you on any and all of My social networks!

Current Location: Da Nang, Vietnam


Next Backpacking Trip: Laos, Myanmar, and Bali