Street Food in Prague

Contrary to popular belief, Prague isn't just the land of castles and cobblestone streets. There is actually a plethora of goodies to munch on while waltzing around the romantic streets of Prague-- and some seriously delicious ones at that! While admiring the city one day, I tried just about all of them from shops to carts in markets. Here's a list of them all!

1. Sausage (with cheese)

80 CZK = $3.00 USD


There are tons of sausages in Prague! But, the one that I tried (and very much enjoyed!) was the sausage with cheese. It's a large sausage that actually looks like a hot dog, but with cheese inside of it! Sausage? Yes. Stuffed with melted cheese? Yes! All dipped in mustard? Hell yes!

So much sausage!

So much sausage!

2. Langoše 

60 CZK = $2.30 USD

Langoše is a large, greasy wheel of fried dough and is usually topped with shredded cheese, garlic, and ketchup. It actually looks like a pizza, but definitely does not taste like it! It tasted great, but it's hard to eat the whole thing. I mean, it's dripping with grease and bigger than your head!

To see what it looks like, check out the video at the bottom of the page! 

3. Mulled Wine

50 CZK = $2.00 USD


After all those salty delights, I needed some liquid. And naturally, I needed some alcohol in that liquid! I grabbed some mulled wine, which is served from many carts in the streets of the city, especially during the winter. It's hot (boiling hot!) wine flavored with various spices, like cinnamon, cloves, and others. It's flavorful and satisfying, especially in the cold. But, be careful-- it's served very hot!

4. Spring Potatoes

70 CZK = $2.80 USD

Spring potatoes isn't wildly popular in Prague, but I found it at one cart and felt I should try it because it looked good! It's a plate of potatoes cut and fried in cubes topped with peppers, green onions, and sour cream. Simple, but divine!

5. Trdelník Zmrzlina & Slehacka

100 CZK = $4.00 USD


Trdelnik is one of my favorite treats in Prague! Trdelnik is a traditional Slovak cake-like sweet. It's made with dough that's been coated in sugar and a walnut mixture, then put on a long spindle over a fire for roasting. The outside gets crispy, but the inside stays soft. It's possible to enjoy trdelnik on it's own, or you can add stuff to it! You can get nutella smeared on the inside or you can get ice cream with cream on top or other toppings! You also have the option for all of the above! I went for the best option: ice cream with cream, of course! And yes, it was perfection. 


34 CZK = $1.35 USD

Old Town Square, Prague

I found myself parched once again and chose to satisfy my thirst with the most popular thing in the Czech Republic: BEER. Not just any beer, though. A Pilsner Urquell! One of the most popular Czech beers known to man. And no canned crap, either. I got a tap beer in a plastic cup. As always, it was delicious and satisfying, especially since it was so monstrous, flavorful, and cheap! The trifecta for the perfect beer!

7. Fried Cheese Sandwich

60 CZK = $2.40 USD

Just some beer and fried cheese sandwich! We clearly enjoyed both very much!

Just some beer and fried cheese sandwich! We clearly enjoyed both very much!

How can you go wrong with anything that has the words "fried," "cheese," and "sandwich" in the name?! This sandwich is served on a delicious bun, but the filling is deep-fried cheese. Yes, like a mozzarella stick in a bun! It's even smeared with some tartar sauce. Hallelujah!

8. Open-Faced Sandwich or Obložené chlebíčky (a.k.a. garnished breads)

19 CZK = $0.75 USD

Oh, yes, Yet another divine sandwich. This time, it's open-faced or just on one slice of bread. The obložené chlebíčky can come with any number of toppings, but usually they come with egg. We originally thought our hard-boiled egg was mozzarella, funnily enough! What a nice surprise that was! Mine also came with mayo, a slice of ham, and a little parsley. Simple, but it tasted like egg salad! Nothing wrong with that!

Prague offers a ton of delicious, hearty, and flavorful food and drinks on the streets! There's even more than I tried, like tons of pork, skewers, and sandwiches! But, these 8 were the most unique to me and delicious! So, get out there and try them all!

What other important street food items in Prague am I missing? Which one of mine would you like to try?

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