Her Quirky Journey in the Media


I’m a social butterfly and like to pop up in other peoples' blogs and podcasts other than my own! Check me out as a guest elsewhere!


The Marvin Chronicles

I appeared in a video with my pal, Marvin! We went to a beer spa together in Prague. Needless to say, we drank all the beer, enjoyed all the bubbles, and had lots of great laughs!

Sebastian Dylag

During my trip to Krakow, Poland, I got the awesome opportunity to get a local's tour around the city! Sebastian is a YouTuber and avid traveler. He is the most knowledgeable person about Krakow-- I’m 99% sure about that! 

The Gay Globetrotter

In a special guest post, I wrote about 10 things to do in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Being that I lived there for 7 months, I felt I had enough knowledge about the best things to do there-- and I proved that in my article for an awesome travel blog run by Bailey Mills!

Nomadtopia Radio


With Amy from the incredible travel podcast called Nomadtopia Radio, I talked about my job working with VIPKID. I discussed the hours, what it's like paying taxes while being abroad, getting visas in the Czech Republic, and more!

To the Nations Worldwide

I was featured on this unique podcast called To The Nations Worldwide, which is run by Mike and Natalie. The two are a traveling couple and interview digital nomad traveling couples! I appeared with my ex, Matt. We talked about traveling as a couple, teaching English in Korea, our favorite and least favorite wines, and our overall life philosophy.

Freedom Lovin' Podcast


I had the incredible pleasure of talking with Kevin on the Freedom Lovin' Podcast! Kevin shares many of the same life philosophies as I do and it shows in his optimistic, mind-opening, and entertaining podcast. In this episode, my ex, Matt, and I talked about tons of stuff, such as our scariest moment (the terrorist attack in Barcelona, of course!), teaching English online with VIPKID, living abroad, taxes while living abroad, and tons more!

The Grateful Gypsies

Since I had taught English in Thailand, Rachel and Sasha from the Grateful Gypsies wanted to share our story on their interview series called "ESL Around the World." Read up on the benefits, necessary documents, pros and cons, and much more for teaching English in Thailand on their blog!

The Offbeat Life

Lucky for me, I was featured on The Offbeat Life Podcast with Debbie Arcangeles! In my episode, I provided tons of information and advice for traveling long-term and working on the computer. I talked about teaching English abroad, teaching English online, how I first became location independent, what it's like being location independent, how someone else can do it, and so much more!

This Week in Travel Podcast

In this fun and informative travel podcast, my ex and I talked with Chris Christensen (from The Amateur Traveler), Jen Leo (from the LA Times), and Gary Arndt (from Everything, Everywhere). The five of us gabbed about travel news that week (including butt selfies!) and our experiences with teaching English, both abroad and online. We even got the opportunity to talk with Jen's 9-year-old daughter, Cora, about her first travel assignment.

Digital Travel Guru

In this informative and popular travel blog, I was interviewed in depth about our lives, specifically about our digital nomadic lifestyle!

Not a Ballerina: A Traveller and a Thinker

I was featured in Amanda Kendle’s fun and informative podcast! I talked about the grossest food I’ve eaten abroad!

The World Wanderers

I was lucky enough to be featured in an episode of The World Wanderers, one of the top travel podcasts! Amanda and Ryan interviewed me about many things, but we really honed in on teaching English abroad.